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Hello! Are you our new colleague.

Hello! Are you our new developerAI engineerproduct ownerBI engineer ?

If you like innovation, fun and like to help our customers in reaching their goals, don’t hesitate and send us your curriculum vitae.


What we need

If you are eager to constant learning and have fun at the same time, you’re the right man for the job.


As developers, we tackle complex challenges and strive to simplify and enhance understanding as partners with other companies. Crafting top-tier software is an intricate endeavor, and at Vintus, we master the art of easing the delivery of new products.


As a BI or AI engineer, your role involves delivering insights to our clients, aiding them in making informed decisions, and automating monotonous tasks. If you’re interested in learning more, please don’t hesitate to send us your curriculum vitae.

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Hello! You are our new colleague.

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