We Are A Group Of Skilled Data Engineers

We are a group of skilled data engineers.

At Vintus, we recognize the critical role intelligence plays in the expansion of organizations. Whether it’s through AI or BI, we assist your organization in becoming more intelligent and competitive.

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Data Stratetgy

At Vintus, we bring together data and software under a single roof. Our vast experience in software development, coupled with our profound insight into the symbiotic relationship between data and software, places you in capable hands.


Vintus has established its reputation across various sectors, including shipping, banking, insurance, healthcare, retail, and wholesale (goods & food), among others. Our architects stand ready to assist you with a tailored data strategy that addresses your company’s unique requirements.

From A-Z

From data collection, storage, and analysis to visualization, our specialists will lead you at every phase. We are convinced that a robust data strategy is crucial for attaining your business objectives and securing a competitive edge in the ever-evolving market. With Vintus as your ally, you can count on a dependable foundation for informed decision-making and innovation.


Bronze Layer

Stores raw, unprocessed data for traceability and auditing.


Silver Layer

Cleans, validates, and integrates data to create a consistent and usable dataset.


Gold Layer

Aggregates and curates data for advanced analytics and business intelligence.

Data Engineer

Hello! We are a group of skilled data engineers.

Hello! We are a group of skilled data engineers.

We possess expertise in utilizing various platforms, systems, and data sources to develop models that enhance your decision-making insights.