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Infinite framework

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According to Simon Sinek, the journey towards our goals is more important than the goals themselves. Our framework, named the infinite framework after Simon’s book “The Infinite Game,” aims to establish a strong foundation for creating software solutions. This foundation handles the technical aspects of our code, allowing developers to concentrate on functional matters. We emphasize to new employees that many teams spend around 90% of their time on technical issues, leaving only 10% for the actual functionality. In Scrum, this often relates to sprint 0, which typically spans more than one sprint.

During sprint 0, a team typically sets up a new project solution with connections to the database, APIs, and other necessary technical components. However, this process takes about 2 to 4 weeks each time we create a new separate solution, causing a loss of valuable time. Our goal is to deliver value from day one and to surpass our competitors by delivering faster and better results. This mindset is often referred to as “The Vintus Way.” By creating this framework, we automate tasks and unlock new opportunities:

1. Faster setup: We simplify the setup process by placing complex technical code in Infinite.

2. Reduced repetition: Our development team identifies and addresses repetitive code, code that can be automated, or code that can be placed in a component.

3. Simplification: The actual code used to build our applications becomes much simpler as a significant amount of technical code is automated.

4. Focus: We prioritize delivering value, focusing almost exclusively on the customer’s solution rather than technical challenges, along with the appropriate configuration and deployment strategy.

5. Reduced pain: The above-mentioned improvements result in less effort required to create a decent solution.

6. Completeness: The Infinite framework continues to expand, making our solutions more comprehensive. When using Infinite, features such as tests, monitoring, error handling, resilience, and more are readily available.

7. Technical debt: By continuously enhancing the framework for all customers, we mainly need to update the framework in our customer solutions to eliminate technical debt. While we acknowledge that technical debt can be more complex, this approach serves as a good starting point.

We aim to shift the balance from 90% planning and 10% execution to 10% planning and 90% execution, reducing the effort needed to create high-quality software. It’s important to note that we still value writing code, as we believe that having developers who are trained in implementing solutions is crucial for change management and creating customized company solutions. While we don’t advocate for “no code” solutions, we do appreciate and support “low code” solutions.

Project Details

Our project, the Infinite Framework, is where technical code and code reduction are implemented.

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